Why did we call ourselves ‘Bloom’?

Because to Bloom is to flourish or thrive, a natural and instinctive goal in the world of learning. A state we believe is achievable though the creation of truly effective learning experiences.

Digital learning is a rapidly growing industry …

With organisations (much like learners) at various stages of digital maturity. With the ever increasing demand to move content online, our main focus is to provide a service portfolio which allows organisations to flourish and thrive wherever they are in their digital learning journey. So for the digitally seasoned, we can meet you there, for those that dream of digital, we can take you there!

.. and getting there is important. With over 15 years in the digital learning industry we really have seen it all! During this time we have also come to recognise that it is also just as important to provide an enjoyable and easy delivery experience. Bloom can be an extension of your internal team or become your full service, creative, digital learning agency.

The Bloom team have years of experience delivering a wide range of digital learning projects in the following sectors:

Retail & Fast Moving Customer Goods

Finance & Professional Services

Pharma & Healthcare

Food & Beverage

Engineering & Automotive

Government & Defence

Logistics & Packaging

Charity & Not for Profit

Information Technology

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