Module updates & Translations

If you have any update requirements, let’s talk. We can then create an approach to your project that’s unique to you and your needs.


Keeping your content fresh and relevant is a must. We always build and author bespoke digital learning content with this at front of mind as we want to avoid it becoming outdated. However, to ensure it is current and engaging, it can require references such as legal terms, research, senior leader imagery, strategy references or branding approaches, all of which will inevitably need to be updated to retain that same relevance, engagement and freshness!

It is therefore important that updating content is made as easy as possible for our clients. We recognise that this is not always the most appealing of tasks! It’s not as exciting as the first build, and doesn’t require the same creative flare as a new project. But to avoid learner disconnection (when they realise it’s out of date) it is a task that must be done, and done well.

We do it for you: whether we created the original digital content or not, if you can provide the source files, we can work with you to update it. Our team can work with any recognised tool in the industry, be it Storyline, Lectora, Evolve, Rise or Captivate we will work with you to find the most suitable way to collaborate to provide efficient and timely updates.

We can train you: providing you have the licence to your chosen tool, we can create a training programme enabling you to make text, image and layout updates to your content. We would even use your first set of updates in your training curriculum.

As part of our updates service, we will also provide you with an audit of content that is at risk of aging and prompt you every 6-12 months to check if the content at risk is still valid.


Although the Bloom team have many talents, we do not speak as many languages as you would need to provide an outstanding translation service. Luckily for us our talented and award winning translation partner has access to just that! A talented pool of grammar obsessed linguists with experience in a multitude of sectors.

Our approach to translations is a hybrid model. The Bloom team will take care of the project delivery and the implementation, and our partner will provide a high quality translated version of your content in all digital learning formats, be it elearning, animation, PDF workbooks or games which we will then use to create a new version of your content in your chosen language or languages.

Translating into over 200 languages, we can provide you with an end to end translation service. We will work with you to define the most suitable process according to your need. Sometimes, this means a straight translation, sometimes it means a localised version of content which requires liaison with a market.

With extensive experience in the delivery of large and complex translation programmes, whatever you need, we can support you.

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