Bloom delivery methodology

Bloom’s products and services portfolio ensures that we can meet you wherever you are on your digital journey. But we recognise, it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.

We understand what is important to our clients, it’s the quality of the product and the production experience in equal measure.

So, we have worked, we have listened, and we have adapted to create a project approach which will enable us to work together collaboratively, efficiently, and enjoyably.

The key principles of our delivery methodology are:

  • Listen
  • Collaborate
  • Refine


From the off, we’ll be listening to you to understand your priorities, your challenges, and your requirements when it comes to delivering a project. We want to tailor our approach to meet your drivers and preferred ways of working. Once we know, we’ll share with you an approach to working that will be truly unique to your business.


Collaboration is crucial to successful project delivery. When we talk about collaboration, we are talking about two things, our partnership, and the tools we use to deliver.

We want to add value for our clients, and to do this, relationships are paramount. We aim for transparency, openness, and honesty so we are continually aligned and connected as one team. Effective communication is very important, and our collaborative ethos and our approach to Project Management, alongside dynamic project management tools, will help us achieve this.

We can tailor the tools to suit you, but key features that we find most beneficial enable:

  • Visibility: Live dashboard of progress and actions
  • Accountability: Assigned tasks with alerts, prompts and reminders
  • Progress: Reporting functionality

We’ll work with you to find the right mix of features.


We don’t just enable learning, we live it, and there is always something to learn. As we move through the project, we will continue to adapt and refine our approach. We know priorities, people and goals can change and we have developed our ways of working so we can embrace change and move forward without compromising the project goals.

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