Bespoke Digital Learning

Let us tell you what it means to us. It means creating a learning experience for you from scratch – the content, the design, the tools, all selected and created for you.

Bespoke digital learning projects should produce learning experiences that immediately resonate with your intended audience.

Learners should be able to see themselves in authentic, workplace scenarios and be engaged with learning that is effective, impactful and personal to them.

To achieve this, we will take the time to listen, question, understand and uncover the unique aspects of your project, audience, learning objectives and business drivers.

Your Bloom team will act as the learning experts, working with your Subject Matter Experts, to create a unique, tailored, learning experience.

To create WOW moments for your learners, your Bloom Learning Designer will work backwards from the impact you’d like to see and immerse themselves in your content, to define your core learning objectives. From here, we will build out your learning experience. Your Bloom Learning Designer will help to select the most appropriate modalities to achieve your learning objectives. These might include animation, video, tailored interactions, gamification or simulation – whilst always working to your budget and timeline.

The wider team

Our Design team will ensure that the learning meets your brand guidelines and provides learners with an experience that matches your external brand persona.

Our Developers and Designers will be thinking like a user to create the ideal UX for your particular audience, focusing on how we support them to achieve their learning goals.

We won’t just be thinking about the content, the Bloom Development team will also be thinking about the correct technology for you. By exploring your audience profile, environment and motivations, we will be able to make the most suitable technical recommendations. Alternatively, you may have a preferred authoring tool or platform and we will ensure that the learning we create will be aligned with your specifications.

The whole team will be focused on your project, ready to collaborate and dare you to think differently.

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