The Bloom team consists of like-minded people …

who are passionate about learning, and are driven to deliver learning excellence. Founded by Laura and Jason, the Bloom Studio is a collective of digital learning professionals who love what they do.


Your Bloom team will consist of a dedicated …

Learning Designer

Project Manager

Graphic Designer


Depending on your bespoke solution, you may also meet Bloom animators, voiceover artists, scriptwriters, actors, learning consultants, our QA team, our video team, our 3D team, our VR team and the Bloom translation team. We will pick the right mix of people, with the right experience and passions, to ensure an effective, efficient and enjoyable project.

What we’ll be working on

Alongside the team, your Bloom Account Director will create and then continuously update a corporate profile for your organisation. This will ensure we capture and apply your unique organisational learning requirements meaning that the knowledge gained on one project is available on all your projects, and that your learning is consistent in its approach and principles. Your profile will also help to save you time at review stages and across future work. We’ll always have a head start.

Your corporate profile may include:

  • Accessibility requirements
  • Style guidelines
  • Tone of voice
  • LMS / module settings
  • Key principles
  • Your values and strategy
  • Translation requirements
  • Terminology preferences
  • Learner personas

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