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Accelerate software adoption and optimise user experience across your teams with Bloom and Lemon Learning. What makes Lemon Learning so special? It’s simplicity.

Like GPS navigation for digital tools, Lemon Learning is integrated directly into your applications to simplify software training and support. This means users get the right tips at the right time accelerating software adoption thanks to interactive walkthroughs.

Lemon Learning users can launch a guide in a single click AND can transition between tools with the guide! No more searching for guidebooks or struggling through features.

Learning by doing

We have one goal: to engage users in this revolution by making digital tools simpler, more streamlined, and more enjoyable to use. Put simply, we aim to accelerate digital adoption. At the heart of our project is our belief in active learning through doing, rather than passive training.

And for administrators, it’s just as simple. There’s no need to learn how to code: the editor is intuitive and easy to use. And to keep our solution streamlined, we only offer the features that you really need, without cumbersome add-ons.

Key Benefits:

  • Empower your users with step-by-step guides integrated directly in your software tools and applications.
  • Save on support and training costs.
  • Boost employee productivity and user engagement across your teams.
  • Lemon Learning is available for all web-based solutions: CRM, ERP, HR systems, procurement tools, e-catalogues, messaging apps, video recruitment platforms, training portals,etc

Key features

  • Adaptable training workflows that require no code
  • Learning by doing methodology
  • Microlearning objectives lasting 2-5 minutes
  • Embedded in-application training
  • On-demand, repeatable training workflows, accessible 24/7
  • Interactive, action-activated workflows
  • In-application self-service support
  • Learning analytics data

Want to learn more? Watch the Demo below.

Simpler is better, there’s no doubt about it.

Lemon Learning are simplifying the daily work of more than a million users worldwide thanks to a 3-in-1 tool which enables training, engagement, and communication, anywhere and anytime thanks to customized, interactive content.

Global support

Our international team is ready to help you anywhere in the world!

Bloom support

User speed to effectiveness is critical and the use of a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) consistently proves to be the most effective route.

Talk to Bloom about your plans for:

  • system launch
  • system transition
  • digital transformation
  • and the learners / users who need to embrace the change effectively and efficiently.

Whether it is a new enterprise-wide CRM, a bespoke app or even an in-house tool – Bloom and Lemon Learning can create a simple, effective solution to optimise digital adoption.

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