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With over 50 courses the LEO Academy has the complete range of compliance content, ready to go. Making it easy for employees and businesses to ‘do the right thing’

The academy offers expert-led Governance, Risk and Compliance e-learning courses for all sectors and Bloom will spend the time with you up front to make sure the digital courses suit your audience and their learning needs.

Essentially, we’ll be acting as an extension of your team, providing extra value and service, at no additional cost.


Compliance range topics:

  • Conduct & Ethics
  • Financial Crime
  • Risk & Safeguarding
  • Wellbeing, DE&I and Capability Building

From Anti-Bribery & Corruption through to Whistleblowing the courses are engaging, effective and can be set up at speed.

The modules feature scenario-led learning and testing to situate learners in relevant scenarios and challenge them to do the right thing.

Get in touch for demo and to discuss your current compliance provision.

Hosting and tracking

We can provide SCORM wrapped modules for your LMS or set up an affordable, functional LMS to host and track your learners.

What will Bloom do?

  • We will spend the time with you up front to make sure the digital courses provided suit your audience and meet their learning needs.
  • Our support will make integration and testing an easy and enjoyable process.
  • We will develop campaign / launch materials to engage learners and let them know that they are getting an upgrade.
  • Our success management team will be in touch at regular intervals to ensure that the modules are delivering for you.

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