Bloom Creative Learning, working with the amazing Janet M Stovall, have created a DE&I Action Framework

to help organisations leverage DE&I and achieve business goals.

Janet M Stovall, Diversity Pragmatist, is world renowned for her TED Talk “How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Janet helps businesses make change and grow using DE&I. We’ve been working together to create a powerful method to do just this.

Let's hear from Janet...

This is the first in a series of free modules designed to support businesses drive positive change both in and out of the workplace.

The ‘DE&I Action Framework with Janet M Stovall’ is an easy to use online tool created in a digital learning format. You’ll be presented with a series of videos and questions, guided by Janet, enabling you to create a framework for action. As you progress through the questions, you will populate your Action Framework document, which can be downloaded from within the module. This Action Framework and approach can be reused for any number of organisational initiatives, as an ongoing support tool for managers and teams.

We recognise that to drive real change, continuous effort and support is required which is why we have set up a private LinkedIn group to facilitate conversation, share best practice and connect likeminded people.

The DE&I Action Framework is free of charge, and if you’d like a copy, please complete the request form below so we can get the correct file format and invites to you.

Janet is single minded about making a difference and that ‘it’s not just caring about something, it’s caring enough to do something about it’, which is reflected in the African Proverb ‘don’t just pray, move your feet’. Janet asks you to join her and move your feet, complete the form below to take your first steps.