We Grow


We Grow is an award winning, self-guided learning games platform.

Learning through game play has long been recognised as an effective, engaging and fun approach to learning.

The We Grow platform embodies all the key principles of learning through game play, but what makes it stand apart, is it's adaptable and detailed approach to reporting. This unique functionality enables managers to review team progress and identify areas of improvement.  

We Grow is designed and developed by award-winning gaming and learning design professionals, focusing on a unique and engaging approach to gamified learning in the workplace. Built to target and measure specific areas of organisational learning needs, We Grow supports a learner journey by building knowledge, comprehension, and application, all while engaging the learner in a fun and gaming-driven platform.  Leaders are provided valuable feedback with detailed and measurable information, indicating areas that require remediation and highlighting success/failure rates on both an individual and overall level.

What does it look like for the learner?

We Grow is a self-guided learning games platform. When you launch the We Grow game, you are provided with an empty Biodome that you get to fill up and maintain using the rewards you are given as you progress through the game.

It's award winning.

We Grow (in the format of Bee Wow) was presented the prestigious 2020 Brandon Hall Excellence Silver Award for "Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning".

wegrow screen image

The platform encourages learners to dive into mixed media learning materials and rewards them for the choices that they make AND the more plants they unlock, the more visitors they will receive!

The game itself is customisable, in terms of both time span and question content, and can also be adapted to suit a design approach that works for your organisation.

Detailed reporting

A variety of reporting approaches are available enabling managers to work alongside Bloom and We Grow to create a dashboard of analytics that, just like the content, can be tailored to your specified areas of focus.

WeGrow dashboard

Bloom support

We’ll work closely with you as an extension of your team, to unpack your learning requirements and provide you with an effective and engaging We Grow soltuion for your learners.

Talk to Bloom about your plans for:

  • Your learners, who they are, where they are, what they need to know and, or do differently
  • Your organisational goals and strategies and how they should be reflected in your solution
  • Your technical framework. What we need to consider to deliver a seamless launch
  • Campaign rollout – If you don’t have plans, lets make some together!

The We Grow platform is a versatile tool, whether it’s company wide behavioural change, a change in process or culture, the We Grow game can be tailored to suit your needs and create a unique and effective experience for your teams.

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